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You can find out the truth about anybody!

Net Detective Download:
You can find out the truth about anybody! Now from the privacy of your home or office computer using Net Detective. Download Net Defective and locate people, find assets and verify background info with our exclusive, easy-to-use database and tools!
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Net Detective Download: You can get the scoop on neighbors, potential employees or business partners, ex-spouses, fiancÚs, missing family members. Download Net Detective now.

Net Detective is used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies all across the country. The all NEW NET DETECTIVE enables you to snoop, spy and satisfy your curiosity about anyone, as often as you like! Download Price Only $29.00! (retail price $49.50) Click here to start your Net Detective Search!

Net Detective You Can: Net Detective You Can:

Find out whether your job applicant really has the background and experience he claims.

Has your fiancÚ been married before, perhaps even been to jail?

Track down long-lost relatives and friends, even your whole high school class

Protect yourself against today's scary epidemic of identity theft.

Learn your boss's or that cute new neighbor's unlisted phone number.

Check whether relatives have unclaimed assets you can inherit

Where in the world is your lousy, cheating "ex" hiding assets?

Learn whether your potential business partner, surgeon or contractor has ever been sued.

Discover who owns the car that sideswiped you, or that's parked in your neighbor's driveway every night

That stranger who turned up out of nowhere, is he a fugitive? Find out now!


FAST, FUN, AND EASY TO USE: Net Detective self-installs and is compatible with all Internet-related software (Windows all 95/98/ME/2000/XP/MAC/Linux (no download required for Mac or Linux) on AOL, Netscape, CompuServe, AT&T, etc.). Whether you're a computer beginner or a veteran computer user, it is simple and easy to use. Click here Net Detective Search Now!

Get started by clicking to our easy-to-use secure online order system. If you have a credit card, you can save by ordering direct, for only $29.00 (retail price $49.50). With our INSTANT DELIVERY SYSTEM, your copy will be running on your computer in less than 3 minutes.

Net Detective comes with a live chat help line to answer any questions about using it and a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Plus, Net Detective includes two full years of FREE updates. You are just minutes away from expanding your Internet experience with the greatest investigative tool you have ever seen. If you prefer, you can order by fax or snail mail. Start your Free Net Detective Search Now!

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